True love

Times get really hard sometimes,
life even gets worse then.
I don’t know how you are,
I don’t know what you do.
I miss you Darling…
My thoughts are running wild,
what could you’ve been doing?
How could you’ve been feeling?
Do you miss me? And do you still love me?

I’m listening to my inner voice
and she says: “Listen to your heart!”
I could know all the answers, because our souls are one…
because you are the one…
I love you Darling,
you mean everything to me.
Every second, I’m not allowed to share with you
keeps me suffering, keeps me crying….

I know, these are hard times for you, too.
I’m sorry, that I even make them harder for you.
But this is the secret of love,
to share everything:
the good times and the bad times,
and to survive together at all.
I know we’ll stand this,
I know, we’re destined to be together.

(by Nane) 
Copyright: Nane


Mama, I’m sorry for every word I said
that hurt you so deeply.
Mama, I’m sorry, for every step I made,
that caused you to cry,
but I was hurt and felt so insecure.

You inspired me with your way of life,
even if it sometimes was so dark.
You inspired me to find myself,
even when I felt so lonely on this road,
because I couldn’t lean myself on your shoulders.

Mama, our relationship is still so fragile
because it had to stand so much trouble.
Mama, my trust to you still has to grow,
to be able to open up my heart to you,
but we’ll make it, if we try!

I was so mean and made you believe,
that I thought, you wouldn’t be worth it.
I was so stubborn and so cold outside,
that you thought, I wouldn’t love you anymore.
but the truth is, I cared about you all the time.

Mama, we’ve been on a difficult journey
and things went wrong sometimes.
Mama, I wish I could be your little daughter again,
to share with you my most important moments.
But I’ve realised that I’ve grown up (to fast).

But let other moments come
to enlighten our life.
may other situation proof us
to have a relationship as mother and child
to unite us and our deepest hopes.

(by Nane) 
Copyright: Nane