Cry for love...
I’m a stranger in this world,
ordinary but not real…

Please my lord, it feels so cold,
help me to become free!

I wanna be an individual,
that is liked but not idolized.

I wanna be myself as well,
respected and not criticized.

My views may be different, 
my attitude may not be clear,

I wanna enjoy my earthy living,
I want others to realize that I’m there.

So please let me escape from loneliness,
let me find my way to the light.

I hate my own uneasiness
make me strong that I can fight.

I know that I can make it
with believe and trust in you.

I know that you really love me
and I know I will not stop loving you.

You helped me out of the darkness
helped me to win back my smile.

I realized that my time has started,
so I will fight for my life until I die.

(by Nane) 
Copyright: Nane

Way of life...
I don’t know where I have been…
I don’t know where I will go…
Is there anything to win?
Will there be enough time for me to grow?
All my doubts, my fights, my fears,
every experience I have made,
have made worth all of my tears,
gave me the strengths to recreate.
I felt lost and all alone,
sometimes day had been too dark.
But all this pain has made me strong,
and I’ve learned it’s never too late for a new start.
I have accepted my life
with all those shadows and all my pain.
I have lost, but I also tried
and that made me stand up and stand up again.
So keep your head high and don’t give in
There are a lot of happy moments in life, too, that you can win.
Take your chances, keep your smile,
and life will be brighter for a little while.

(by Nane) 
Copyright: Nane


Desperation is killing my thoughts, is killing my mind,
is killing my hope…
Imagination is running wild, is encouraging me
to bring it to an end…
I don’t wanna live anymore…
I can’t…
Where’s the world in which I belong to, in which I am loved,
in which I am taken serious?
I am on a road trip to nowhere…
the dark black “nothing” is my future…
Gifted but lost and lonely,
I pretended to be a fighter,
but in the end, my desperation has won.

(by Nane) 
Copyright: Nane