Back to me...
Now you left me again
to travel home.
Iím standing here
crying and feeling alone

Time with you is so indispensable,
time without you so unbearable.
I canít resist the grief.
You mean so much to me.
I wanna feel this pain,
wanna show, you belong to me.
Every tear Iíll lose,
should be a star upon the sky.
And every path Iíll chose,
should bring me back to you.

Come on Baby, come back to me
Come on Baby, canít you see
Come on Baby, hold me tight
Come on Baby, make me feel alright

Every day without you here,
seems too much, too much to bear.
I just need you by my side,
I feel so alone at night.

Come on Baby, stay here with me
Come on Baby, just feel free,
to take me in your arms tonight,
to let me be your brightest light

I will be your shining star,
light you your way, when I seem too far.
Come on Baby, I love you so!
Youíre my Baby, Iíll never let you go.

Weíve been destined for each other.
Youíre my best friend but also more to me than a brother.
Iíll wait for you until you come.
Here next to me, you can find your home.

Until this day, I look upon the sky
to pray and hope that time goes by.
The moment, when I have you back in my arms again,
will be a moment, when a new time begins.

Some say love needs to develop.
Some say love just happens.
I say love is a gift,
an indispensable destination.

Love with you is like a fire,
which can never lose his force.
Life without you, like an insatiable desire.
Together with you, Iíll be able to open every doorÖ

Ö but just when you stay by my side.
(by Nane)†
Copyright: Nane